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An ‘event’ is a very wide concept. With the following list of event types, we want to make clear what Wi-Advize can offer you.

Motivation Events: You want to motivate your employees in order to increase productivity for example.

Rewarding Events: Your employees or your team have / has performed very well and you want to reward them in a playful way for this achievement. The attention is focussed on rewarding.

Family Day: Give your employees and their families an unforgettable day. With animation for the kids, activities for the adults.

Teaming Events: Bring out the best in your employees or team. Groups work together to achieve one common goal. Through communication within and between the teams, this is an event that stimulates the team spirit.

Party Events: Are you tired of the same old, dull New Year’s receptions? Let us organize a splendid party on a trendy location – possibly with a specific theme!

Relax-To-Meet: You don’t want to arrange another ordinary meeting, but you do have an announcement to make? The Relax-To-Meet event is the solution! We arrange a location on which you can make your announcement to your people on a fun, playful way if you like.

Product Branding: You want to promote your company or a specific product, you want to boost your company’s name and fame or you want to be present on the market… Wi-Advize will organize your Product or Company Branding event.