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Organising a company event is more than just a nice program on a great location, good catering and original activities…

The objective of the client is the first matter of importance. This objective is used as a theme in the entire program. It is very important to define the event’s objective beforehand, in order to be able to optimize the event’s theme.

Some examples:• motivate your co-workers (Motivation Events)

• reward your co-workers for their achievements (Rewarding Events)

• improve the team spirit of your co-workers (Teaming Events)

• bring your company or product in to focus (Branding Events)

• etc

The second aspect is the development of the program in which the theme is the central point. For the first three Event Types, it is crucial to develop a program in which every individual is involved.

Interactive workshops with original themes let the participants experience the most exciting adventures. The released emotions will encourage the team spirit.

Last but not least, Wi-Advize aims for open communication. Conversation and consultation will lead to the desired event program.